Fotograf: Tuala Hjarnøe
  • Centre for Investigative Journalism in London has made handbooks, which give an insight into investigative journalism and research tools.
  • Story-based Inquiry – A Manual for investigate journalism‘ helps you step-by-step to come from an idea to an actual product. You can download it for free here.
  • Peter Harms Larsen has made an introduction to investigative journalism, which you can read here. (On danish)
  • The Norwegian book ‘Gravende journalistikk – metode, prosess og etikk‘ (2012) by Guri Hjeltnes and Morten Møller Warmedal, gives you a thoroughly insight in research methods and tools. (On norwegian)
  • The Swedish book ‘Gräva och granska: tips och inspiration för journalister‘ (2014) by Britt-Marie Citron and Peder Carlquist, shows how you contradict lobbyism and powerful agencies, and thereby conserve the critic journalism. Read about it here. (On Swedish)
  • The Swedish journalist Nils Hanson has written the book ‘Grävande journalistik’ (2009). You can read more about it here. (On Swedish)
  • Christopher Hird is a board member of “The Bureau of Investigative Journalism” and has written a report about, how you get influence in journalism.

Cross-boarder journalism

  • The Danish/German journalist Brigitte Alfter has written the book ‘Cross-Border Collaborative Journalism -A Step-By-Step Guide’. It is about how cross-border journalists research together, share knowledge and adapt its publications to their target group. You can read more here.