Need help?

Do you have an investigative project and needs to discuss it with someone? CUJ is here for you and wants to help as much as possible.

We can help with the following:

  • Initial discussion of methods, procedure, methods, etc.
  • Sparring and editorial assistance at specific angles
  • Sparrings in relation to seeking funding for possible journeys, for example for cross-border projects
  • Possible contact with journalists in other countries
  • Help with access to documents
  • Contact with a media partner – we talk through which media fits the story
  • Associating a journalistic mentor with major productions
  • Technical help with cutting and digital stories
  • Finally, check out the story and plan for release

Who can get help: Students from all three journalism educations and recently educated journalist (maximum two years after completed internship).

We do not help with stories where you have already assigned a supervisor from your study. Upon final release, we would like to see CUJ mentioned in the production. Of course, we promise full discretion about the project.

Write an email to with a brief description of your project and you will hear from us within 2-3 days working days.