Jack and Jones linked with forced labour in Chinese

Screenshot by Aspi of the Chinese subcontractor’s website claiming to work with Jack and Jones.

NOIR has recently worked together with TV2 on a case about forced labour in China linked to the danish brand Jack and Jones.

Text by @KatrineFriis

NOIR gave a tip to TV2 about a report from the think tank Australian Strategic Policy Institute (ASPI) that accuses the Chinese government of taking 80.000 ethnic minorities under conditions that strongly suggest forced labour.

The Danish brand “Jack and Jones” is in the report mention in the context with the two Chinese firms Esquel and Youngor, who are two of the firms, which is accused of forced labour. On the two firms’ websites, it says they are the subcontractor to the Danish brand and other global brands such as Calvin Klein and Nike.

The team behind the report used satellite photos, authority documents and material from the media to reveal that many of the ethnic minorities have been sent from “re-education camps” that is controlled by the Chinese government and highly guarded to work on the fabrics in the region of Xinjiang. It is part of their re-education of

NOIR helped TV2 to strengthen the link between the two Chinese firms and Jack and Jones. In the end, an article with the perspective on Jack and Jones was published at the beginning of March 2020.

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