Day two of #EIJC19 – advanced social media and information research

By Katrine Juel Friis

The day began with BBC research specialist, Paul Myers, tools for a structured researched on Social Media and shortcuts for information.

Therefore, CUJ wants to share some of them.

  1. Firstly, Facebook’s search box is not very efficient, so Paul Myers gave some different ways to search for persons on Facebook. The website helps you find a Facebook pages’ unique ID-number, which you then enter like this:[ID-number]. See guide here, and also learn different customised sample searches.
  2. Another website is, but be careful with this, because it searches everything in the searched word.
  3. Paul Myers also showed how powerful the Facebook Graph search generator is. Try it out!
  4. The website is good for finding past social media pages both on Facebook and Twitter, when looking for deleted social media accounts.
  5. For analysing a particular Twitter account and are efficient tools.
  6. Paul Myers also gave some advice on the research method ‘Reversed Images’. This is a method to search on specific locations of an image on google search. For example, you can have a photo of the person you want to research, with a hotel logo in the background, BUT not the hotel’s name. You can find the hotels name by Google search. But first you have to crop the photo to only the logo, and then you search on google pictures.
  7. Another tool for this is Yandex – which you can also get as a plugin. It can do some of the same as Google search, but however, it also has facial recognition.
  8. And then to the scary part. Because you can upload a photo on, and then it can display the photo’s metadata and geolocation. Then you can click on this, and go to google maps where you can use street view, to see if the picture has the same backgrounds as street view. 
  9. To find someone’s location, you can also create a fake link on
  10. If you want to find the domain for a website, go to either – where you can search on a specific name -and
  11. If you, for example, have someones email-address you can look it up at, which is an amazing database of peoples data. 
  12. And a scarily good way to track a location via a persons mobile phone is the website

There are more tools and methods on this page.

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